Heroic young teacher killed while saving child from runaway car

A heroic young teacher was killed instantly while saving the life of a child from a runaway car.

Dawn Croke died after being struck by the vehicle on Friday morning in the grounds of St Crona’s National School in Donegal, Ireland.

Croke, a teacher in her early 30s, had been at school with her partner Paddy McHugh and his six-year-old daughter before the incident.

A white Ford Ranger had been parked nearby and started to travel towards them, according to the Irish Independent.

It’s believed she managed to push the young girl out of danger but took the impact herself.

The child was rushed to Letterkenny University Hospital with a broken pelvis and foot injury.

She is expected to make a full recovery.

It is not yet clear what caused the vehicle to move and crash into the pair.

Rosses Community School where she taught released a statement offering support to her family and partner.

"We, the school community, remember with love and fondness our colleague Dawn. We pray for the family and friends at this sad time."

Dawn Croke died while trying to save her partner's child. Source: Facebook