Heartbroken US families return to destroyed Florida homes after Hurricane Michael - 'This is what's left'

Tropical Storm Michael has sped off toward the Atlantic Ocean, but there will be nothing quick about Florida's recovery from the hurricane, where rows upon rows of homes have been smashed to pieces.

At Briarwood Apartments in Panama City, Florida, William Parker says he has lost everything, as he walks through the remains of his home trying to salvage what belongings he can.

The entire roof was blown off and the walls collapsed exposing the apartment.

"This is what's left of the bedroom and my baby's room that you can see is not there anymore," he said.

As Victor Rocha goes through his families tortilla bakery that was demolished by the hurricane he says it "hits you in your stomach" as you drive through the city and realize the massiveness of the devastation.

Rocha says, "yes, it is bad and it's horrible," but they are thankful they are okay.

"Everyone was saying Panama City is not going to be the same, he said.

Panama City has suffered heavy damage from the tropical storm. Source: Associated Press