'I haven't left the house': Mum who billed friend $565 for damage to daughter's boots now getting death threats and too terrified to leave house




A British fashion designer has described the hate-mail she has received after billing a friend for damage to her daughter's expensive boots while the girl was on a play date.

Sarah Louise Bryan, 28, was taken to task on live television in the UK on Tuesday by host Piers Morgan for having the audacity to charge her friend NZ$565 for scuff marks on her daughter Bella's Italian fur boots. 

"You sent her in a £325 pair of booties to your mate's house and she gets a few pen marks on them, which by the way happens with three-year-old girls," an enraged Morgan said to Ms Bryan during the panel discussion on ITV's Good Morning. 

"I have a five-year-old girl, they get pen marks on them, they draw," he added.

Now Ms Bryan has told newspaper The Sun she is too terrified to leave her home after receiving death threats.

"I've been getting so much abuse on social media with people telling me I should die and they want to kill me," she said. 

"If people can say such horrible things online, I’m scared of what they can do in person."

She has also accused Morgan of being a "vicious bully who is trying to be controversial".

"But as far as I am concerned he has no balls," she said.

Nicola, the mum of three who Ms Morgan billed told The Sun she is refusing to pay and called the bill "a pile of nonsense".

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