'Hamburglar' accused of breaking into Melbourne butcher and cooking a steak

Some of us get late-night snack cravings, but one man in Australia has taken it a step too far.

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The man even enjoyed a cup of Milo during the late-night escapade. Source: 1 NEWS

The man, dubbed the "hamburglar," broke into Melbourne butcher Marshall's Quality Meats on April 5, where he spent two hours smoking and marinating meat, Nine News reports.

"He's cooked himself a kiev, I think, in the microwave with a bit of cabana, attempted to smoke ribs in the oven, he's marinated some steak, he's got the fry pan out and cooked some steak up," butcher Glenn Marshall told Nine News.

"He's also made himself a Milo."

The man didn't forget hygiene, however, making sure to put on a uniform and gloves, and wiped down the workbench.

"He'd be good at starting early but the quality of his meat is just atrocious," manager Scott Little said.

He fled the scene with $410 (NZ$442) in cash and has yet to be apprehended.