'The guy tried to kill them' - driver faces attempted murder charge after appearing to run down bikies

A Florida man is facing attempted murder charges after appearing to deliberately run down a pair of motorcyclists yesterday.

The shocking incident was captured on camera, and shows the man in a silver Pontiac driving into the two riders while they were stopped at lights.

The New York Daily News says the alleged offender - Robert Vance - was arrested shortly afterwards.

He now faces a raft of charges including two counts of attempted murder, and as he has a poor driving history, has been charged as a "habitual traffic offender".

The riders - named as Joseph Calderazzo and Melanie Milinkovich - were taken to hospital but did not suffer serious injury.

The man behind the camera - Abe Garcia - told WFTS-TV that an argument broke out at a red light after Vance allegedly nearly ran one of the bikers over.

"The guy went complete psychopath," he said.

"The guy tried to kill them.

"It was a red light and then it turned green. He could've just gone straight, but he went for the biker."