Gross or reality? The breastfeeding photo going bonkers on social media




This image of a woman breastfeeding while sitting on the toilet has gone bonkers on social media.

Elisha Wilson Beach breastfeeding

Liked by more than 200,000 people after it was uploaded to the Life of Dad Facebook page, the photo has drawn many conflicted opinions.

'Every parent knows this joy,' the social networking page for dads captioned the picture.

Now shared over 22,000 times, many people have been supportive of the busy mum, while others have labelled it gross.

The discussion really took off once most Facebookers agreed that the baby was nuzzling the mother's breast - rather than her elbow.

"That's definitely a boob...Trust me I'm a boob owner," Kim Miller said.

"That's gross. I think a walking baby can wait to breastfeed until one is off the toilet. I mean would you eat your meal on the toilet?" Nat Hernandez said.

"Personally I wouldn't potty and breastfeed. Attack me all you want. Yes my child follows me in the bathroom and what not but I don't eat while going to the bathroom and I wouldn't expect my child to either. Gross. Either wait or go fast," wrote Laura Keith.

But thousands of supportive women have leapt to this busy mother's defence.

"I have breast and bottle fed all three of my sons on the toilet. When the baby [is] hungry you just can't tell your baby to wait. Plus you can't use the rest room on yourself. Get real people. If you had a screaming baby on your hand lets see how real things get for [you]," Layetta Underwood wrote.

Amy Bloss-Rodgers said: "I find it so interesting that people have an issue with her breastfeeding in the bathroom of her own home, yet way too many people have the expectation that a woman should breastfeed in a bathroom in a public place."

Many parents on the Facebook thread reminisced about the days when they could go to the bathroom in peace.

"Peace and quiet on the toilet being nothing more than a memory ... we are all in that boat as parents."

Cristina Jones summed it up: "This is the realest pic I've ever seen."

The mum in question, Elisha Wilson Beach, has responded to the controvesial picutre, saying it's "reality".

"This is my picture and yes I am breastfeeding. I shared it on Instagram knowing that some people would think it's tmi but it's reality.

"Everybody complains that social media is full of people pretending to live picture perfect lives and I see so many mothers doubting themselves based on those photos.

"Well this is reality and so many mothers are doing this exact thing right now. Motherhood ain't pretty but then that's what makes it so beautiful."

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