'By God's grace, we were able to protect him' - Imam at London mosque praised after saving suspect from beating



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Community leaders are praising a local imam for restraining a mob that had surrounded the man accused of driving a van into a crowd of worshipers near Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

At least one man has died after a van rammed into people leaving prayers in north London.
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Imam Mohammed Mahmoud told reporters today that he and "other brothers" were able to prevent onlookers from beating up the suspect and held him until police arrived. The 48-year-old suspect had been surrounded by an angry crowd that is believed to have pulled him from the van used in the attack.

Mahmoud says "By God's grace, we were able to protect him from harm."

London's police commander says the van attack near Finsbury Park Mosque was clearly an attack on Muslims.

Norris helped the victims after a van with three men drove into a crowd outside a mosque.
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The city's Mayor Sadiq Khan, also paid tribute to the religious leader and the local community who apprehended the attacker near the mosque, keeping him safe from mob violence.

Khan says all these incidents are attacks on the city's shared values.

He vows "we will not allow these terrorists to succeed ... we will stay a strong city." Khan also declared that British officials have "zero tolerance" for hate crimes.

Fabian Ali and Mohammed Mohidn, who witnessed the attack outside a London mosque, say one of the men looked "cracked off his face".
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The ambulance service says nine people injured in the attack were taken to local hospitals. One man died at the scene, but it was not immediately clear whether he was killed by the attacker's actions or some other cause.

Commander Cressida Dick, speaking in the London neighborhood of Finsbury Park, says people in Muslim communities will see more of their police protecting them in the coming days.

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