Gender reveal burnout fail sparks Queensland Police warning

Queensland police have had to issue a warning to parents and their car enthusiast friends about the dangers of doing burnouts to let the world know if a baby is a boy or girl.

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The popular method of Australian’s revealing their baby’s gender has led to several car fires and arrests the past year. Source: Breakfast

Burnouts that spew out pink or blue smoke to reveal the gender of a baby have become increasingly popular in Australia.

But police have released a video of a burnout gone wrong in which a man's car burst into flames on the Gold Coast. He was performing a burnout to announce the gender of a friend's baby, 7NEWS Queensland reports.

The car was reportedly driven about 100 metres before it caught fire and onlookers ran to free the 29-year-old driver.

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The Breakfast team and National deputy leader were discussing burnout gender reveals gone wrong across the ditch. Source: Breakfast

He was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

The man had allegedly launched a drone camera to film his burnout.

The incident happened in April last year but police released the video this week in an effort to deter others from such antics.

Gender reveal burnouts have resulted in several car fires and arrests in Australia over the last year.