Gang of monkeys steal Indian mother's newborn as she breastfeeds before killing him

A monkey has reportedly entered a woman's home in India, stolen her baby from her and then killed the infant.

A group of rhesus macacque monkeys in Agra, India. Source: Thomas Schoch/Wikimedia Commons

Reuters reports the incident took place in the town of Runkata on the outskirts of Agra south of New Delhi - home of the Taj Mahal.

The monkey was reportedly part of a larger group that entered the woman's house while she was breastfeeding her 12-day-old son.

Locals chased the monkey with sticks and threw stones at it, but the monkey attacked the boy by biting his head, before dropping him.

The infant was rushed to hospital but died before arriving.

Local environmental activist Shravan Kumar Singh told Reuters that monkeys in the area are becoming a real menace.

"They are in all the five railway stations in the city, in hospitals, hotels and roads. They come in search of food, but they snatch and attack as well," he said.

Mr Singh said a growing group of organisations and individuals want the government to step in and control the population of the monkeys.