Fully compostable takeaway coffee cup created by UK company

A company in the UK has come up with a solution to the serious damage caused by plastic - a fully compostable takeaway coffee cup.

BBC reports that Biome Bioplastics has made a cup using natural materials including potato starch, and cellulose - which makes up plant cell walls. 

The cup is fully biodegradable and also completely disposable meaning it can be recycled or discarded as food waste. They are not yet on the market.

At present only nine per cent of what we think we are recycling is actually being recycled, coffee cups being a large part of this.

According to BBC's report, consumers believe coffee cups are already recyclable but the lids tend to be made from a plastic, which makes the cup water proof an therefore not be recyclable.

Science Magazine reports that currently over five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans and some which will take up to 1000 years to degrade fully. 

Coffee cup (file picture).
Coffee cup (file picture). Source: