Frozen eight-year-old schoolboy in China sparks poverty discussion

Images of an eight-year-old schoolboy in rural China whose hair was frozen while he walked to school have prompted a discussion about poverty in the country.

The pictures of "Little Wang" were shared earlier this week with many sympathising and calling on the government to do more to fight rural poverty.

According to China News Service, the boy walks 4.5km to get to school each day, and the temperature outside on the day the photos were taken was -9degC.

Despite his hands being dirty and swollen from the cold, Little Wang is an A student
Despite his hands being dirty and swollen from the cold, Little Wang is an A student. Source: The Paper

Another image of the boy's hands, dirty and swollen from the cold, showed that he remained an excellent student despite the conditions.

Journalists from a popular website Pear Video visited the boy's home, which they said was made from "mud and brick".

The site reported that the boy is likely one of the "left-behind" generation, whose parents have moved to the city to find work and money to support them, and he lives with his grandmother and sister.

Some organisations have already reacted to the story - the provincial Communist youth League has donated 100,00 yuan (NZ$21,000) to the boy's school to purchase better clothing for pupils, and to improve the heating system there.

An image of 'Little Wang' which was widely shared in China
An image of 'Little Wang' which was widely shared in China. Source: People's Daily


US man arrested after shooting Minnesota sheriff's deputy with crossbow

Authorities say a man who shot a Minnesota sheriff's deputy with a crossbow also was shot and wounded by law officers firing their guns.

Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmunson says the deputy was shot in the forearm today and was taken to a hospital, where he is in good condition. Deputy Paul Orvis was undergoing surgery to remove the arrow shaft.

The sheriff's office says more than one officer from different agencies fired their guns, but it's unclear who shot the suspect. The 31-year-old man was shot in the left shoulder and buttocks, and was flown to a hospital.

The incident began when a stolen pickup from Osaskis exited into Sauk Centre, a community about 145 kilometres northwest of Minneapolis. It travelled through backyards and smashed into parked vehicles and through a garage.

The sheriff's office says the suspect then ran into a home, where he allegedly shot Orvis with a crossbow belonging to the homeowner.

Nearby homes were evacuated. The standoff lasted about two hours.

Law enforcement set up a perimeter around the scene where a Stearns County deputy was shot with an arrow. Source: Associated Press

Watch: Storm chaser captures petrol pump canopy collapsing during Hurricane Florence - 'There it goes, boom'

A storm chaser has filmed the destructive power of Hurricane Florence, as he captured a petrol station pump canopy collapsing in the ferocious winds.

The dramatic images were livestreamed on the Tornado Alley Video YouTube channel this afternoon as Category 2 Hurricane Florence begins to batter North Carolina.

The storm chaser was parked in his car near a BP petrol station when the canopy collapsed in front of him.

"There it goes, boom!" he exclaimed as the canopy came down with a mighty crash.

Around 100,000 properties have been reported to have lost power in the massive hurricane.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says there are over 12,000 people in 126 shelters as the first effects of Hurricane Florence begin to batter the state.


Arizona man fakes Down syndrome so carers can bathe him and change diapers

A man has been arrested in Arizona for pretending to have Down syndrome so he could hire caregivers to change his diapers and bathe him.

According to ABC13 News, police arrested 31-year-old Paul Anthony Menchaca on September 6 at his home in Gilbert, Arizona.

Police say Menchaca allegedly posed as a mother called "Amy" in order to hire a caregiver to look after her son with Down syndrome.

A caregiver then told police she assisted Menchaca with diaper changes and baths on around 30 occasions over the US summer at different locations in the Phoenix area.

Two more victims then took over care giving duties in July this year. Police say the three caregivers all know each other, and said Menchaca became sexually aroused when they bathed him.

Menchaca's ruse was discovered when his first caregiver became suspicious and followed him to his actual home after he was dropped off at an address after a caregiver session.

She met Menchaca's parents and found out he didn't have Down syndrome or need care.

The caregivers then banded together and confronted Menchaca, who confessed he had been lying to them.

Menchaca has since been charged with sexual abuse and fraudulent schemes.

Paul Anthony Menchaca. Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Student dies after suspected cardiac arrest in Gold Coast classroom

A Gold Coast high school student has died after suffering a "serious medical incident" in class.

Paramedics were called to Ormeau Woods State High School around 11.35 this morning, after the Year 10 boy collapsed and fell off his seat, 9NEWS reports.

A teacher performed CPR and the 15-year-old boy was taken to hospital in critical condition but could not be revived.

It's been reported the child was in cardiac arrest when paramedics arrived, AAP reports.

Acting principal Dan Finn wrote a statement on the school's Facebook page to parents and carers offering support to the school community.

"I know you and your children may be affected by this situation and will have many questions," Mr Finn wrote.

"Guidance or counselling services are being made available for anyone who may require support."

Students will be able to access counselling services at the school from tomorrow, Mr Finn said.

Afternoon tutorials at the schoool were cancelled as staff and students came to terms with the sudden death.

No further information could be immediately provided "out of respect for the family", he said.

Australian ambulance Source: