Four confirmed dead, 50 injured after Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc in Caribbean island of St Martin



Associated Press

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says four people are confirmed dead and about 50 injured on the Caribbean island of St Martin in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

The prime minister said one person faces life-threatening injuries and two others were in serious condition.

The death toll was lower than one given yesterday by France's interior minister, who said eight people had been killed on French Caribbean territories.

Philippe said four bodies have been found on St. Martin and are being identified. The island is part French, part Dutch, and Dutch authorities have not reported any casualties.

An official in Philippe's office said only four people are currently confirmed dead so far after a re-evaluation of the damage Wednesday.

The official said the toll could rise as rescuers reach the scene. Philippe says large amounts of aid and equipment are en route to St Martin and nearby St Barts.

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