'Forgive me, y'all' - singer CeeLo Green says sorry for explosive publicity stunt, where phone blows up in his ear




American singer CeeLo Green is very much alive and well after a video emerged online of what appeared to show a mobile phone exploding in his ear, before he's knocked out cold.

In the footage which started circulating online yesterday, Green can be seen sitting in a recording studio on his phone.

Smoke starts pouring out of the device and seconds later, a bright flash appears and Green is seen knocked out of his chair and onto the floor.

Turns out it was just a stunt.

Yesterday about 10 hours after the incident Green addressed his fans via Facebook Live.

Green said the stunt in the surveillance-style video was actually part of a project he was doing called "Gnarly Davidson".

"It's supposed to set up and introduce the new character identity, you know what I'm saying," he said.

"Forgive me, y'all, I'm still going to release the music though. But first and foremost, for everybody that love me and care about me, I just want to say that I'm OK."

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