Fiji ends hard weekend lockdown but not out of the woods yet amid Covid-19 cluster

Fiji has ended its hard weekend lockdown this morning but the island nation isn't out of the woods yet, according to a journalist.

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A curfew and other restrictions remain in place, Fijian reporter Filipe Naikaso told Breakfast. Source: Breakfast

Most of the country went into lockdown from 8pm on Saturday to 4am today (local time) following the discovery of a new Covid-19 case and the race to contain the Indian variant.

The country recorded no new cases today, bringing the total number of Covid-19 cases to 31 local infections.

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Medical officials are desperately trying to trace close contacts of positive cases. Source: 1 NEWS

However, the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation's Filipe Naikaso said it's no time to celebrate.

"There's no new cases but ... [Health Secretary] Dr James Fong has said it doesn't mean that Fijians need to celebrate," he said.

"Generally, people were listening but there were just a few people who weren't adhering to it and that's where police stepped in and assisted in ensuring that, 'Hey, you know, this is something that we need to fight collectively,' and that's what Dr Fong has said.

"If people continue to not listen to the advice by the Ministry of Health, hard lockdowns will be made in future."

Nasu and Nausori will "revert back under their own lockdown", Naikaso said.

Restrictions remains in some places, including a nighttime curfew.