'I felt him get shot in the back' – Las Vegas survivor describes husband's horrific final moments



Associated Press

Survivor of the mass shooting at Las Vegas, Heather Melton, of Tennessee, is crediting her husband for her survival.

Tennessee woman Heather Melton gives a heart-breaking account of her husband dying beside her in Las Vegas.
Source: Associated Press

Her 29-year-old husband, Sonny, ultimately died of his injuries after shielding his wife from the barrage of bullets.

He was one of 59 people killed after a gunman fired hundreds of rounds into a crowd of around 22,000 concert goers.

"I felt him get shot in the back, and we fell to the ground, " she said.

"I was talking to him and he was breathing at the time, but then he stopped, and I started doing CPR on him, and there were still shots raining from everywhere it felt like, for what seemed like an eternity, and I was screaming for someone to help."

As she continues to mourn his loss, Heather Melton says the messages and calls she's received have helped her get through this difficult time.

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