Fatberg as big as a jumbo jet discovered blocking sewer in English seaside town

In a nasty case of "what lies beneath" a giant fatberg as big as a jumbo jet has been discovered blocking a sewer in a British seaside town. 

Made up of fat, wet wipes, sanitary pads and grease, the fatberg was found in pipes under Sidmouth in Devon and will take two months to get rid of.

The BBC reports South West Water said the 64-metre long fatberg was the biggest it had found.

The firm's director of wastewater, Andrew Roantree, said he was thankful it was discovered "in good time" with "no risk" to the quality of sea water, where people swim.

Mr Roantree said the discovery showed fatbergs were not only found in the UK's biggest cities, "but right here in our coastal towns".

The fatberg is longer than a Boeing 747SP and more than twice as long as a tennis court.

South West Water said the chances of people's toilets backing up as a result were "very unlikely" because the fatberg, found in a large sewer near the seafront, was far from homes.