Famous photographer chooses down under for virtual 'naked pandemic project'

An American photographer who specialises in taking pictures of large groups of naked people is working on a new Australian-based pandemic photo project.

Spencer Tunick is asking for volunteers based in Australia to strip off and join in from home as complications due to Covid-19 have hampered his journey down under to complete the project.

His landscapes featuring multitudes of nude humans across urban environs have received world attention over decades.

But coronavirus has meant Mr Tunick has been stuck in his New York attic.

“My sister and a family member who lives three blocks away from me is recovering now from Covid-19 and I have my dark room in their basement,” he says.

It comes as his planned trip to Australia this month to stage another mass nuding on Brisbane’s new runway has been delayed.

But the photographer is now planning to feature Australians in his latest work, using video conferencing.

“There’s an element of sort of a mosaic, like this colourful, almost like it’s stained glass,” Mr Tunick explains.

He says he’s picked Australia first for his new project, called Stay Apart Together, because “Australians appreciate the naked body and art”.

“They know the difference between art and pornography,” he says.