Family of young Sydney Covid victim say farewells via video

The friends of Australia's youngest female Covid-19 victim say Brazilian national Adriana Takara isn't just a number.

The 38-year-old accounting student, who had no other health issues, died just 10 days after contracting coronavirus.

She died on Saturday night, with family forced to say their goodbyes over video.

A friend said Adriana was an amazing person.

"Since Covid-19 started all we hear is about numbers. Numbers of cases, numbers of infections, numbers of vaccines, numbers of deaths," Ms Batista said in the online tribute posted yesterday," Fernanda Ferreira Batista wrote on Facebook.

"Well, Adriana is not a number. An amazing friend, not only my friend but friend of so many people."

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said her death was a warning about how dangerous the Delta variant is, even for young people.

"If anybody thinks this is a disease just affecting older people, please think again," Ms Berejiklian said.

"Please note that younger people without pre-existing conditions can also fall victim to this cruel disease."