Family shocked after dingo attacks six-year-old boy in Queensland

Rangers are monitoring a pack of dingoes on Queensland's Fraser Island where a campsite remains closed after a boy was bitten.

The six-year-old boy was still recovering in hospital today after being bitten several times on the leg near the Govi camping area on Saturday night.

The incident happened very quickly, and was a shock to the family, the boy's father said in a statement issued by the Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service.

He said his son was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"We understand that the island is home to the dingoes, and that this was just an unfortunate incident," the statement said.

"We think the rangers on Fraser Island do a great job of raising awareness about dingoes, and that on the whole, people who stay on the island respect the dingoes and the advice of the rangers."

The family said the boy was recovering well and is expected to go home soon.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Rangers have stepped up their regular patrols.

They are also speaking to campers, day tourists and accommodation management and staff about reducing the risks of negative interactions between people and the island's dingoes.