'Eyes OFF the road': Driverless car experiment to send a whole new message

A hundred Swedish drivers will begin driving to work in autonomous cars from next year, with special instructions to take their eyes OFF the road.

The driverless car is being promoted as the future of commuting in a bold experiment in Sweden. Source: 1 NEWS

But carmaker Volvo is playing it safe for now - so they'll have that road all to themselves.

Gothenburg Sweden is home of Volvo and a place where drivers need to beware of the elks. 

On a test track, the company showed a BBC reporter its unique experiment, and they'll need members of the public to help.

They're going to ask 100 ordinary people to commute in a car. But it's not an ordinary car - it's an autonomous car.

And they're going to tell those people they're free to take their hands off the steering wheel and do anything else instead, perhaps send an email.

Next year the 100 volunteers will be driverless on specially-picked roads that have no cyclists or pedestrians.

It could still take a decade or even two, the BBC reported, but eventually children will marvel at the idea that people actually used to drive their own cars.

But it seems people aren't quite ready to give away the steering wheel for now.

A Volvo survey of drivers worldwide found 92 per cent wanted to be able to take back control of autonomous cars whenever they chose.