'Evacuate to save your life' - Millions told to get to safety as Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall

Thank you for following our live updates from our 1 NEWS Now reporter Natalia Sutherland in Tokyo. We will have more from Typhoon Hagibis as the situation develops. 

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The super typhoon has already causing widespread damage as it battered Japan's coastline. Source: 1 NEWS

What we know so far:

- Millions are being evacuated or advised to evacuate near Tokyo as the typhoon makes lanfall
- One person has already died after a tornado ripped through Chiba
- Flights and train services have been cancelled until the worst of the storm has passed.
- Businesses in affected areas have shut for 24 hours

9.44 - Heavy rain warnings are still begin issued and Typhoon Hagibis is almost about to make landfall as night falls in Japan.

9.10 - Typhoon Hagibis in pictures: Japan lashed by rain as super typhoon approaches

8.50 - "Evacuate to save your life" - that's the advice from the Japan Meterological Agency in a recent press conference. They have also set their emergency warning has been raised to 5 - the highest heavy rain warning they can give to those regions told to evacuate. 

The areas that have been issued a warning are: Shizuoka Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture.

8.30 - This video from TBS News shows how high and how quickly the Kano River in the Shizuoka prefecture has risen since it began raining this morning. 

7.15 - Authorities here in Japan are ramping up evacuation orders with thousands in Shizuoka, Tokyo, Gunma, and Wakayama prefectures told to immediately evacuate.

People watch the Isuzu River swollen by Typhoon Hagibis in Ise, central Japan. Source: Associated Press

Evacuation advisories are in place for nearly two million people in Gunma, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Shizuoka and Mie prefectures.

Typhoon Hagibis has Japan Meteorological Agency putting its heavy rain warning scale at the highest.

7.05 - With thousands of tourists throughout Japan for the Rugby World Cup the Japanese Government has extended its services for English speaking travellers. If you’re in Japan you can look up the latest advisor through Japan Safe Travel – here’s a link to their Twitter page

6.50 - With the peak of the storm still hours away, the area of Hakone, an hour west of Tokyo, has already reached record rainfall. 

6.35 - According to Japanese meteorologists the typhoon is expected to make landfall at Shizuoka Prefecture's Izu Peninsula by 6pm (10pm NZT) and isn’t expected to lose much of its force as it hits Japan. Many local broadcasters are already showing picture of rapidly moving rivers and flooding in areas on the eastern coast of Japan.

Despite the typhoon being downgraded from a super typhoon, this storm could still be one the worst Japan has seen in decades.

6.15 - Over 400,000 people are being told to evacuate as fears Arakawa River in Tokyo's Edogawa area will burst its banks.

Heavy rain is already lashing the city of Tokyo with rainfall expected to hit 500mm in the next 24 hours. The storm is expected to peak at 10pm local time before moving away from Japan early tomorrow morning.

Public transport isn't expected to be up and running tomorrow afternoon after damage assessment of lines has taken place.

6.00 - Rugby World Cup officials say they'll assess the grounds for tomorrow's matches at 6am local time and will make an announcement on the games by 8am (12pm NZT).

5.50 - Nearly 1,300 domestic flights and 112 international flights have been cancelled from 2pm local time (6pm NZT) with local media reporting Tokyo's Haneda Airport is stacking up on items such as blankets for travellers who have become stranded due to the typhoon.

5.30 - One of the busiest train stations in the world is set to halt its services as the storm inches closer.

Local stores have already closed their doors and many businesses let staff go early Friday afternoon. Many have been stocking up for a long 24 hours stuck inside.

Shinjuku Station suspends train services while typhoon passes over Tokyo. Source: 1 NEWS

Stores in Tokyo are beginning to sell out of water. Source: 1 NEWS

Tokyo turns into ghost town as locals await typhoon. Source: 1 NEWS

5.00 - Typhoon Hagibis has already disrupted the Rugby World Cup with two matches cancelled for today. Scotland vs Japan is still going ahead tomorrow.

Despite the weather the Japanese team were out training this morning

4.30 – It’s been reported by local media that one person has died when a tornado struck the region of Chiba just outside of Tokyo city. Four others were injured and homes were damaged.


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