English school slammed as 'disgusting' for refusing time off for boy to holiday with terminally ill mother

A school in England has been forced to apologise after they refused a request from one of their student's mothers, who was terminally ill with cancer, to take her son on one final holiday.

Angela Rose exposed on Facebook how Stanton School in Milton Keyes, which her son attends, refused her application to take her eight-year-old boy Carlo on holiday because it did not meet their "exceptional" circumstances, the Morning Bulletin reported.

The school gave her this response despite the 36-year-old mum saying she had explained she only had months to live.

"Stanton School refused my application and sent me letter below to state only in exceptional circumstances do they allow authorised attendance and if I go he will be marked down as unauthorised absence," Ms Rose wrote on Facebook.

"My question is what is exceptional circumstances if terminal cancer and possible last holiday not one [sic]?"

Ms Rose also said her son had a 98 per cent school attendance rate.

The social media post generated considerable feedback, and led to the local council contacting the school to clarify the details.

"Disgusting you go and make special memories. How bloody dare they," one person commented.

Another said "that's just bloody awful to hear".

The Stanton School head teacher was then forced to apologise for the refusal.

"Although we knew she had health issues we did not realise the full extent of them. We should have checked further - we didn't, and we're very sorry," a spokesperson for the school said.

"In the light of this we will of course grant this leave of absence, outside of normal school holiday time."

A child at school.