Endangered male seahorse filmed giving birth at Sydney aquarium

An aquarium in Australia has captured footage of an endangered male white's seahorse giving birth.

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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium said a herd of about 100 seahorse babies were born late last year. Source: Associated Press

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium said a herd of about 100 seahorse babies, each measuring smaller than a grain of rice, were born late last year, as part of the White's Seahorse Conservation Breeding Program.

The programme was launched in 2019 and was initiated by the aquarium partnering with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries and the University of Technology Sydney, said SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium aquarist and seahorse expert Mitchell Brennan.

Brennan said this programme with the three partners aims to breed the seahorses and then release them into re-established habitats in the wild, in Sydney Harbour.

He said the partners developed a number of new feeding techniques to help them breed and rear the seahorses before they are released.

Brennan said the aquarium is expecting more seahorses to be born in the next few weeks.

Seahorse males give birth after the female lays her eggs in the male's pouch.