Electrocuting steak speeds up ageing and makes it tender

If you want your steak tender, you should consider electrocuting it according to new research.

Otago University researchers say electrocuting red meat makes it tender without side effects. Source: 1 NEWS

Sending 25,000 volts through cuts of red meat fast tracks the ageing process according to researchers at Otago University.

"Our results show we can achieve about 25% increase in the tenderisation rate in both cuts much quicker," says head researcher Dr Aladin Bekhit.

The shock treatment would see improvement to lower value, typically chewier cuts of meat.

Researchers say they have yet to taste test the electrofied meat, "but that is something we would love to do" says Mr Bekhit.

It'll be a while before you're eating any electrocuted meat though - more development is needed around machines that can shock big volumes at once.

Meat has been electrocuted since the early 1970's, but it has only been around 1000 volts - not 25,000.