Eighty four Great Danes rescued from eight-bedroom US mansion



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Police and animal welfare workers in New Hampshire say they've seized 84 neglected Great Danes, most of them from an eight-bedroom mansion that had floors covered with faeces.

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Sliding around on their own faeces, the 84 Great Danes were suffering from eye problems, skin conditions and viral infections when found by the Humane Society of the United States.

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"There was just faeces everywhere," Lindsay Hamrick, New Hampshire state director of The Humane Society of the United States, said today.

"The dogs were sliding on it. We were sliding on it."

Hamrick's organization brought in two veterinarians to examine the dogs and puppies.

She said many of the animals have eye problems, skin conditions and viral infections that are contagious to other dogs. An emergency shelter was set up.

Hamrick said the dogs can't go to foster homes or be adopted during the criminal proceedings because they are considered evidence.

The homeowner, Christina Fay, was charged Friday with two counts of animal cruelty.

Police say she ran a business from the home called De La Sang Monde Great Danes.

It wasn't immediately known if Fay, who is scheduled to appear in court August 2, had a lawyer.

Police said the case isn't just about a few dogs being neglected but "about reckless conduct, abhorrent behaviour toward animals over profit, and scofflaw attitude about business practices."

Assessment records show that Fay's house, built in 2004, is valued at $2 million (NZD).

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