Duchess Meghan's nephew steps into spotlight, lashes out at extended family for selling her out

Meghan Markle's nephew has accused the Duchess of Sussex's siblings of having sold her out - "like an open wound for everyone to see".

Tyler Dooley, 26, recently spoke about the extended family strife to The Sun as he promotes a new MTV reality show The Royal World, which paid for him to fly to the English countryside to be filmed with a group of young royals and aristocrats.

Earlier this month, the host of the reality show promised the British tabloid that the programme would cause people to "change their views on the Markle family". But in the new interview, Mr Dooley, normally an Oregon resident whose day job is cultivating legal cannabis, had few criticisms of the Duchess or her father.

Instead, he focused his ire on his own estranged father, Thomas Markle Jr, and his other aunt, Samantha Markle, for their leaps into the media spotlight.

"It is hard to deal with. It is embarrassing and sad all at the same time," he said of the duo. "My father and Aunt Samantha have sold my grandfather out, sold my family out, sold Meghan out...Their lives are lived out in the tabloids and that is the hardest thing."

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Royal aides are said to be plotting ways to rein in his public outbursts about his daughter’s relationship with Prince Harry and the family. Source: Breakfast

But Mr Dooley's said his grandfather, whose own drama played out in the tabloids leading up to his last-minute decision not to attend his daughter's wedding, has been given a bad rap.

"He is a very kind man and showed us all a lot of love," Mr Dooley told the newspaper. "Even more for Meghan. He bent over backwards for her."

He said he understands why the Duchess has kept her distance from the clan in recent years.

"Meghan has always been a hard-worker. I know she focused on her passion and trying to make a name for herself," he said, explaining that he hasn't seen her himself in three years. "She wanted to make history.

"It was like me when I went to college. It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to my family. I just didn't want to be distracted."

Tyler Dooley, the Duchess of Sussex's nephew, is capitalising on his aunt's family by appearing on a new MTV reality show. Source: Getty/MTV