The Duchess of Cambridge opens up about motherhood and her complications

The Duchess of Cambridge has opened up about motherhood, pregnancy and the birth of her first child, Prince George.

Speaking on a mothering podcast, Kate Middleton gave an insight into her pregnancy and morning sickness that hospitalised her. 

The Duchess said her three pregnancies weren't easy, as she described her terrible experience with morning sickness.

"Lots of people have it far, far worse but it was definitely a challenge," she said.

"Not just for me, but for your loved ones around you.

"William didn't feel like he could do much to help."

She said it was "slightly terrifying, I’m not gonna lie" when she walked out and introduced newborn baby George to the world. 

She revealed that she used "hypno-birthing", a breathing and relaxation technique, to help with labour.

The insights tie in with the Duchess's campaign to get more help for vulnerable families.