Dozens of protesters target Environment Canterbury over dirty rivers




More than 100 protesters have flooded the Environment Canterbury offices in Christchurch asking for urgent action to be taken to save local rivers.

Protestors outside Environment Canterbury.

Protestors outside Environment Canterbury.

Source: Supplied

"We are standing up for our rivers and we are taking our democracy back," Greenpeace campaigner Gen Toop said this morning.

"We will not stand aside and let our rivers continue to be destroyed by too many cows."

Alongside urgent action, the activists are demanding the return of their democratic right to vote for their regional councillors, after the government removed elected councillors seven years ago.

The protesters say the only way to clean up rivers is to have fewer cows, but by enabling big irrigation schemes the government is giving the go ahead to more cows which means more polluted rivers.

"All political parties vying for government who are serious about saving our rivers must both reduce the dairy herd and return democracy to the people of Canterbury immediately," Ms Toop said.

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