Will Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020? Futurist makes predictions for next year

With Democrat Kamala Harris bowing out of her party's race to be picked as the candidate to run for US president, a futurist is predicting President Donald Trump will be relected in 2020.

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Richard Hames also gives his predictions on climate change and social media. Source: Breakfast

Richard Hames, from Melbourne, told TVNZ1's Breakfast he doesn't think impeachment proceedings against Mr Trump will go anywhere either.

"Kamala Harris has pulled out and in terms of the Democrats she was the one person I think who could have stood a chance.

"What we're predicting at the moment is that Trump is returned."

Mr Hames said his re-election would also impact the global economy, especially with the US-China trade war.

"Neither side is going to give up very easily and that's going to impact us all," he said talking about importing and exporting throughout the world.

But when it comes to New Zealand, he didn't make any big calls when asked about our 2020 election.

Mr Hames said that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her Government "should" get another term though.

He talked about the Government's work to tackle issues like climate change, which he said New Zealand will see more effects from in coming decades.

"There are not too many happy things that are going to occur over the next decade, in fact, because the floods you're suffering at the moment for example, all the possibilities of climate change are impacting New Zealand in the next 10 years - unless we do something really radical - are going to continue, you're going to have more problems all the time."