Donald Trump calls for Antifa movement to be labelled a terrorist organisation

US president Donald Trump has branded the anti-fascism movement in America a terrorist organisation.

His comments have prompted accusations of hypocrisy from critics who say he hasn't done enough to curb white supremacist groups as confrontations between the two have escalated in the last year.

The rise of white supremacy is the US has seen a counter-surge in an anti-facist movement called Antifa.

The BBC’s Aleem Maqbool reports the movement has gained attention as it continues to manifest its opposition to far-right marches -often in dangerous confrontations with neo-Nazis and the police.

Many believe that the real danger lies with Antifa, not the far-right, including US president Donald Trump, who has called for the group to be labelled a terrorist organisation.

Protestors have beaten people and vandalised businesses in the name of anti-fascism, physically confronting hate groups on the streets.

Antifa groups in their different forms are however. not in agreement about the use of violence, especially not the equivalent of violence used by the far-right.