Donald Trump begins 'thank you' tour at factory he stopped moving to Mexico




Workers at an Indianapolis factory say they're hopeful the deal President-elect Donald Trump brokered to reverse some job cuts there can be repeated elsewhere.

Hundreds of jobs were saved by Trump's tax breaks, but some say it sets a bad precedent.
Source: 1 NEWS

Carrier plant forklift driver Robert James says he's happy about today's announcement but disappointed that perhaps 400 jobs at the 1400-worker factory will still be lost to Mexico.

James says he wants to give Trump a chance to stop other factory closings even as he worries the Carrier decision might be one-shot deal.

Jeffery Blackford is a 25-year employee of Carrier and wore a red Trump baseball cap to Trump's announcement. Blackford says he believes Trump is letting corporations know they can't leave America.

A Carrier spokesman says the company received $7 million in state tax incentives to keep the factory running.

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