Dominican newspaper mistakes Donald Trump for satirical Alec Baldwin




A newspaper in the Dominican Republic has apologised for misidentifying US actor Alec Baldwin, who has frequently satirised President Donald Trump on US television, as Trump himself.

Baldwin's impersonations of the US president are so spot-on, some in the media have been fooled.
Source: 1 NEWS

El Nacional on Friday published the still photograph of Baldwin playing Trump in a TV sketch next to a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on page 19.

The article, published at the weekend, was about Israeli settlements, and the caption said the photograph was of Trump.

The newspaper said the picture was sent the same day by the Associated Press with the name of the actor and information about Saturday Night Live, the satirical television program on which Baldwin has frequently played Trump.

"El Nacional apologises to readers and to all those who felt affected by the publication," the newspaper said on Saturday.

Baldwin has played Trump to comedic acclaim on Saturday Night Live since last year's primaries to determine the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

Trump has expressed his displeasure with Baldwin's portrayal, saying Baldwin's frequent impressions of him "stink."

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