Dog who charged Al Qaeda fighter awarded animal version of Victoria Cross

A British army dog who charged towards a firing Al Qaeda combatant and disabled him has received the animal version of the Victoria Cross.

Kuno, a Belgian Shepherd, leaped into action when his team was pinned by automatic fire and grenades during a raid on a compound in Afghanistan in 2019, Metro reported.

Despite being shot at, and being hit in each leg, Kuno wrestled the gunman to the ground, allowing his team to gain the upper hand.

Kuno received first aid and was evacuated, but had to have one of his paws amputated, and the other is still recovering.

He has since been fitted with lightweight hind legs and is retired from the army.

Kuno received the PDSA Dickin Medal for gallantry - the highest honour an animal in the British armed forces can receive.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said "I'm delighted that Kuno will receive the PDSA Dickin Medal.

"It is testament to his training, tireless bravery and devotion to duty which undoubtedly saved lives that day."