Doctors remove 25cm long knife embedded in Kansas teen’s skull

Doctors removed a 25cm long knife that impaled a Kansas teenager's face when he fell on it while playing.

Eli Gregg's harrowing experience began late Thursday evening (local time) when he was playing outside his home in Redfield, Kansas.

His mother, Jimmy Russell, says she heard her 15-year-old son scream and called 911 when she saw the knife in his face.

"It looked pretty grim. It was scary," Russell said.

The knife was embedded in his skull, with the tip of it on his carotid artery. Surgeons at The University of Kansas Health System removed it Friday morning.

"It could not have had a pound more force on it and him survive that event," Dr. Koji Ebersole told Miracle News Network. "I don't think he would have survived it."

Within 24 hours after the surgery, Eli was able to talk and make light of the situation.

"He says he's going to stay away from sharp objects," said Russell, who added that Eli is doing great and should make a full recovery.

"It's almost a miracle," she said. "I mean, it really, really, it's amazing."

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Eli Gregg fell on his face and landed on a 25cm long knife. Source: Associated Press