Do you have what it takes to work for Dyson? First step is to crack a cryptic video puzzle




Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson is using cryptic brain teaser puzzles in an attempt to recruit new employees who have the smarts to work at the British company.

Potential applicants have to crack a series of puzzles on the internet, starting with a brainteaser hidden in a video on its website, The Telegraph reports.

The cryptic video talks of hiring "rethinkers" and features flash animations. 

The employment challenge is in four stages and will be released one-by-one over the coming days.

Would-be Dyson employees advance to the next stage after unlocking the key from the earlier stage.

Once all the challenges have been completed the successful puzzle-solver will be invited for an interview with Dyson's chief executive Max Conze and will get to visit the company's headquarters in Malmesbury, England.

Dyson is looking to hire 3000 engineers over four years and the puzzle-challenge hiring scheme is targeting recent university graduates and those about to join university.

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