Divers capture swim with rare giant sea worm (+ video)

A rare, bioluminescent sea worm has been filmed underwater by divers off the Philippines coast.

Divers in the Philippines have filmed themselves swimming with a mysterious creature resembling a giant, see-through worm. Source: 1 NEWS

Remarkable footage has emerged of the divers swimming with the mysterious creature - called a Pyrosome - which resembles a giant pink, glowing see-through worm.

Diver Ryan Carpenter filmed himself next to the creature - which turned out to be a colony of tiny animals - in the encounter off Ticao Island, 9 News reports.

Mr Carpenter said it was about 1.2m long and 12cm wide.

"Not even the dive master had seen one before, but we later identified it as a colony of tiny animals called tunicates," he said.

The creature is believed to contain ornganelles, which make it give off a bioluminescent glow.