Disabled baby raccoon learns to walk again with new wheelchair

An Arkansas baby raccoon is now walking again with the aid of a wheelchair after a brain injury had hindered her mobility.

Walkin' Pets, the company that built the wheelchair, said yesterday the raccoon, named Vittles, had trouble balancing and supporting herself at eight weeks old. The company says the source of the injury isn't known.

Jennifer Pratt, a project manager for the company, says they created the wheelchair that will adjust to Vittles' growth.

Susan Curtis is a wildlife rehabilitation specialist who helps the state's bats and raccoons. Pratt says Curtis reached out to Walkin' Pets because the company makes wheelchairs for animals that struggle with mobility.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports the company says it's unlikely the raccoon will make a full recovery. But early intervention sparks hope.

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The baby raccoon’s mobility was hindered due to a brain injury. Source: Associated Press