Decorated ostrich egg, giant cabbage among the strange gifts the royals have received

What do you give to someone who seemingly has everything? A few fresh vegetables should do the trick, or perhaps a decorated ostrich egg.

As the Duchess of Sussex was handed a humble bunch of carrots on Sydney's Bondi Beach yesterday, here's a look at some of the unusual gifts received by members of the royal family over the years.

Meghan's not the first royal to be gifted vegetables, with the Duchess of Cornwall being given a giant cabbage for her birthday at the Dig For Victory allotment in St James's Park, central London, in July 2018.

The Queen has also received gifts of all shapes and sizes throughout her reign, including a miniature seven-inch throne from the Game of Thrones series in Northern Ireland.

Among the more unusual gifts, she has also received a purple fleece dog bed, a 100ft tall totem pole carved from a single log of western red cedar, and a silver-plated filigree pumpkin from the Cambodian ambassador.

The Queen was also gifted the Union flag from Major Tim Peake's spacesuit, while UK intelligence agency GCHQ gave her a Christmas decoration containing Enigma machine paper and Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta gave an ostrich egg decorated with Maasai beadwork for her 91st birthday.

But the Queen particularly liked the personalised Buckingham Palace London Underground sign she received in 2010.

During a trip to the Caribbean, the Duke of Sussex was given two live macaws, plus a clay model canoe. He also received an automatic rifle in Oman, along with an Omani shemagh scarf headdress from a member of the public.

And Prince George has been showered with hundreds of gifts in his first five years, including giant cuddly toys and a possum skin cloak in Australia, and his own miniature amphibious boat in New Zealand. The young prince also received five Tintin figurines from the Belgian royal family in 2017.

In Luxembourg, the Duchess of Cambridge received a bamkuch, a traditional European cake with a hole in the middle, and the duke received two fabric gnomes during a visit to Finland in 2017.

The Duke of Edinburgh once received a traditional Spanish cloak from the King and Queen of Spain, featuring a standing collar, crimson velvet lining and a silver Salamanca-style clasp.

And the Duke of York was posted two boxes of mangoes from former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, along with 10 boxes of the fruit months later from the Pakistani prime minister.

Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex meet with a local surfing community group, known as OneWave, raising awareness for mental health and wellbeing in a fun and engaging way at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are on day four of their 16-day tour of Australia and the South Pacific. (Chris Jackson/Pool Photo via AP)
Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex meet with a local surfing community group, known as OneWave, at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Source: Associated Press