'I decided to defend myself' - Female sports reporter attacks groper during live cross

A female sports reporter in Mexico who attacked a groper with her microphone during a live cross has inspired an online movement and petition.

Maria Fernanda Mora was crossing from outside the Guadalajara Stadium last week as fans celebrated beating Toronto FC in the final of the CONCACAF Champions League.

Footage shows the fans dancing and chatting close behind her when she turns around and hits the man standing directly behind her with her microphone.

Mora later explained that she had been groped.

"What happened to me at dawn on Thursday, happens to thousands of women every day in public spaces. The difference is that it happened to me during a live link on television and I decided to defend myself. My reaction is what turned the fact into something viral."

"I thought, It could be an accidental rubbing because of people's pushing and I kept talking to the camera. This guy, emboldened because I did not react and kept doing my job, put his hand between my buttocks twice more. I decided to defend myself."

She also said on Twitter that she had no regrets about her reaction.

Mora's strong response inspired a Twitter hashtag, #UnaSomosTodas, which several Mexican presenters have used to support her, Bild reported.

A petition has also been signed by Mexican celebrities demanding more respect for female journalists.