Deadline set by Donald Trump for sale or shutdown of TikTok

President Donald Trump has set a deadline of September 15 for TikTok, a popular Chinese-owned video app, to be sold to a US company or he will shut it down.

"I think a deal is going to be made, it's a great asset, it's a great asset, but it's not a great asset in the United States, it it doesn't have the approval of the United States," Mr Trump said today at the White House.

"So it will close down on September 15th, unless Microsoft or someone else is able to buy it and work out a deal, an appropriate deal so the Treasury of the, the Treasury of the United States gets a lot of money, a lot of money."

This comes after Mr Trump first threatened to shut down the app because of claims it is a source of national security and censorship concerns.

Microsoft in advanced talks to buy TikTok's US business ahead of Trump's proposed ban

Microsoft Corp is in advanced talks to buy the Chinese app, owned by Bytedance Ltd.

Microsoft said its CEO, Satya Nadella, has talked with Mr Trump about it, and the tech giant expects the talks with TikTok to end no later than September 15, either with a deal or not.