Dead rats used to smuggle drugs, phones into UK prison

Dead rats have been found outside a UK prison stuffed with contraband including drugs and mobile phones.

A spokesperson for Guys Marsh Prison in Dorset said it was the first time rats had been used to try smuggle items in.

Three rats were found by prison offers, stuffed with synthetic drug spice, cannabis, five mobile phones and chargers, and three sim cards, according to BBC.

It's believed the rats were thrown over a 6-metre high fence of the prison which is home to about 400 inmates.

Mark Fairhurst, of the Prison Officers' Association, said illicit items had been thrown over fences of most UK prisons, including inside dead pigeons, tennis balls, golf balls and socks.

"It is a regular occurrence," Mr Fairhurst said. "It's the first time I've known for it to be secreted in a dead rat but I've known dead pigeons before."