Cyclone Gita hurtles through Tonga, leaving path of destruction

Cyclone Gita is has now begun to move away from Tonga.

Gita was the strongest cyclone to come this close to the main islands of Tonga in the last recorded 60 years.

Next will be the clean-up and there are already serious concerns around water contamination because of the amount of debris. 

The weather system is packing winds of more than 200km/h. Source: 1 NEWS

Virginie Sini, who live tweeted the storm, wrote at 4.45am (local time): Woke up from a nap and had a look. No more rain (at the moment) and much less wind. It's too dark for image but my street is a swimming pool, blocked at least to the left by broken trees & what used to be a corrugated iron fence. My mosquito screen was ripped off."

Read here how Gita brought destructive winds, heavy rain and a dangerous ocean storm surge to Tonga. 

The cyclone is predicted to reach Category 5 status when the eye passes over at midnight. Source: 1 NEWS

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