Custom clothing featuring Jacinda Ardern's face helps US artist 'adjust to Trump's presidency'

If you haven't finished the Christmas shopping yet, then you may want to check out a Californian artist's online store. 

American artist Laura Stark has taken a liking to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, featuring her on a range of merchandise avaliable for shipping worldwide. 

Clothing isn't the only thing sold on Ms Stark's profile, she has everything from tote bags to travel mugs. Source: Redbubble

Ms Stark runs Starkle, a page on artist platform Redbubble, which sells everything from t-shirts to travel mugs that feature Ms Adern. 

The most popular item, a miniskirt, features a head shot of the Prime Minster tiled several times and is sold for the reasonable price of $30. 

If clothing isn't the desired gift, the website also sells duvet covers, clocks and bags covered in the PM's face. 

"I created the original design when Ms Ardern was elected in October," Ms Stark told Fairfax.

"Starkle" is an online store selling many variations of Jacinda Ardern merchandise. Source: Redbubble

"I don't have a New Zealand connection, just a Facebook feed that was full of people posting about Jacinda and lots of friends celebrating her election."

She says sales have taken off "phenomenally" surpassing her seasonal merchandise, and working on the collection has helped her "better adjust to a Trump presidency".

"I was excited for New Zealand and wanted to celebrate her election."

According to the item's description, all the materials are "ethically" sourced.

Laura Stark sells miniskirts on her artist platform covered with the Prime Minister's face. Source: Redbubble