Curious three-year-old boy falls through broken manhole cover in China

A curious little boy got the shock of his young life after he stamped on a broken manhole cover and fell into a well in the southwest China city of Zunyi, Guizhou Province, on Thursday (Friday NZT).

A surveillance camera recorded the scary scene about 5pm on August 1.

The three-year-old boy and their parents were hanging out on the street. Suddenly the boy ran toward a broken manhole cover and stamped on it.

Instantly, he disappeared in the well. His father tried to save the boy, but he was unable to get down the well.

He had to lay flat on the fringe of the manhole and pulled the boy out.

The boy sustained only minor injuries.

"There was dirty water inside and I couldn’t see it clearly. He fell inside but kept his head up. The boy was quite scared. He only suffered from some bruises on his feet," said a witness.

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly and quickly contacted the relevant maintenance department to fix the broken cover.

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