Couple stranded in Peru give insight into life of overseas Kiwis trying to get home

A Kiwi couple has shared some of the struggles they're going through trying to get back to New Zealand, with many travel options becoming restricted due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Bridget and Tom Prior say they're unsure what the next step is for them. Source: Breakfast

Bridget and Tom Prior are currently stranded in Lima, Peru, as they attempt to get back to New Zealand before the four-week lockdown begins but say they are unsure what steps they can take to get home.

"We ended up stuck here after being given 18 hours notice to get out of the country a week ago," Bridget told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning.

"We were up near Machu Picchu when we received that advice so we scrambled with our best efforts to get home but there were simply no flights and now we're in complete lockdown in Lima."

The couple from Manawatū say they are speaking with the New Zealand embassy in Chile as there is no embassy in Peru, but their hopes currently rest with a potential charter flight which has already been postponed.

Watch the full interview above for more from the pair.