Couple gets married amid the chaos of Philadelphia George Floyd protest

Philadelphia couple Michael Gordon and Dr Kerry-Anne Perkins tied the knot during a peaceful demonstration over the death of George Floyd.

Philadelphia couple Michael Gordon and Dr Kerry-Anne Perkins get married amid a George Floyd protest. Source: Twitter/@AdamParkhomenko

In a video posted by American political strategist Adam Parkhomenko, the happy couple can be seen standing outside the Logan Hotel leaning in for a kiss. Bystanders can be heard cheering while carrying “Black Lives Matter” placards.

The video has since got viral with over 1.4 million views.

According to the couple’s wedding website, the pair met because of their passion for fitness.

Mr Gordon, a US Navy veteran who served as an aviation electronics technician, wrote: “As crowded as a gym may seem on a busy day, it actually gets smaller and smaller over time as you get to know all the regulars.

“There happened to be a certain lady who came in consistently that I took notice of … the smile on her face always caught my attention and she seemed to be such a pleasant person from afar.

“As I slowly got to know her through conversations and interactions, I knew that she was a person that I would love to have in my life.”

Dr Perkins, an obstetric and gynaecology resident physician at St John’s Episcopal Hospital and a US Army Reserve captain, said on her Instagram page it was a story seven years in the making.

The first time Mr Gordon asked her out on a date, she said "no".

“He waited patiently," she wrote.

“Five years ago, he asked, I said maybe.

“Four years ago, he held my hand, heard my cry, took my heart, body, and soul and cuddled it with his being, I let go. 

“Three years ago, I’ve never been seen so complete, loved so passionately, and protected so fiercely.”

Fast forward to one year ago, she said she finally said yes to his proposal. 

Photographer Linda McQueen said on her Instagram: “I had the honor of capturing this amazing moment when the Philadelphia Protest intervened our wedding shoot.”

Marriage celebrant Reverend Roxy Birchfield said on the social media platform: “My first in-person elopement since quarantine.”

She said it “couldn’t be a better … wedding. First looks in the heart of protest.”