'This could be an enormously long process' – Brexit triggered, but UK in for long divorce from EU

British Prime Minister Theresa May offered a polite and conciliatory statement in the letter to the European Union triggering Brexit talks.

May said in the letter that "we should engage with one another constructively and respectfully, in a spirit of sincere cooperation."

May says it is in the "best interests of both the United Kingdom and the European Union that we should use the forthcoming process to deliver these objectives in a fair and orderly manner, and with as little disruption as possible on each side."

The British leader offered a wish that Europe remain "strong and prosperous," and capable of defending itself from security threats.

1 NEWS Europe correspondent Emma Keeling says Theresa May has started the process, but it won't be a quick split. Source: 1 NEWS

Queensland goes into recovery mode as full devastation of 'intense' Cyclone Debbie sinks in

The powerful storm has caused major damage and the military and other forces are now moving in to help those affected. Source: 1 NEWS


Plane catches fire and makes emergency landing in Peru

A Peruvian commercial plane was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in the Andes after it caught fire on Tuesday (Wednesday NZT), local media reported.

According to reports, the Peruvian Airlines plane travelling from Lima landed safely at the small airport in Jauja after authorities were alerted.

All passengers were able to leave the plane before the fire spread to the fuselage.

Local media reported that the plane's right wing broke, starting the fire.

The plane reportedly skidded off the runway as it made its landing.

No major injuries amongst passengers were reported.

Authorities have launched an investigation into what caused the fire on the commercial plane.