Could Antarctica be the world's next hot holiday destination?

International travel may be off the cards at the moment, but it won’t stop us dreaming about where we'll head to next. While Australia or the islands may be popular options, what about somewhere further south?

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Sonny Ngatai travelled to the southern continent as part of the TVNZ OnDemand series Science on Ice. Source: Seven Sharp

Antarctica is the only continent with no confirmed cases of Covid-19 and it's also the setting for the new HEIHEI series, Science on Ice.

The world's southernmost stop is Covid-19-free and the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth is now among the safest.

Sonny Ngatai spent 10 days having an Antarctic adventure for Science on Ice, where the sun never set and staying upright was a challenge.

Antarctica's got all the hallmarks of a holiday hotspot: minimal lines for attractions, loos with views and prying locals keen to mark their territory.

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The footage is also giving researchers a helpful insight into their diet. Source: 1 NEWS

"I definitely would recommend Antarctica as a good holiday destination," Ngatai told Seven Sharp.

Despite the chill, visitors to the icy continent get kitted out with warm clothes to stay secure.

"I think I was most surprised about the 24-hour daylight, not having the sun set was quite an incredible experience," Ngatai says.

"The biggest thing was how incredible it was to interact with the animals, there are these ginormous penguins that waddle up to you and look at you."

Even if you're not fancying a holiday down there, there's a lot of important science going on in Antarctica.

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Ngatai is hopeful Kiwi kids can watch Science on Ice and get engaged with the world around them.

"There's no place on planet Earth like it," he says.

"I hope it sparks some curiosity in them about climate change and about what they can do at their own homes, and change what they're doing now, to protect an incredible place like Antarctica."

Science on Ice is screening on TVNZ On Demand.