Comm Games recap: Three gold medals for NZ on a huge final day of action for our Kiwi athletes

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage from day 11 of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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NZ medal tally: Gold 15 Silver 16 Bronze 15

Full table here: 2018 Commonwealth Games medal table.

6:10pm: Kiwis in action

Not a bad end for the Kiwis with gold medals in the final two events of the Comm Games!

That sees us finish a very commendable fifth on the final medal table with a total of 46 medals.

Australia top the table with a whopping 198 medals, next comes England then India and Canada.

5:58pm: Rugby sevens

A brilliant performance from the men's sevens as they win 14 - 0 against the Fijians.

No mean feat keeping the flying Fijians scoreless in a Comm Games final.

5:55pm: Rugby sevens

Gold for NZ! They've added to the gold claimed by the NZ women's team by beating Fiji in the Comm Games final.

5:52pm: Rugby sevens

Another Fiji knock on. Only three minutes to go, time is in NZ's favour. 

5:48pm: Rugby sevens

What a tackle from Curry! It saves a certain try for Fiji. 

5:45pm: Rugby sevens

That's halftime with NZ leading 14-0. It's been all NZ but they might rue that Whare knock on if Fiji come back in the second half. 

5:44pm: Rugby sevens

Whare might have dropped it putting over the line! Knock on, a huge moment. It remains NZ 14-0. 

5:42pm: Rugby sevens

Fiji look they'll be down to six men for two minutes. A late and high tackle. 

5:40pm: Rugby sevens

Whare has scored a brilliant try! He cut back from the left flank and left mutiple defenders in his wake. NZ 14-0. What a start!

5:37pm: Rugby sevens

NZ are in! Nanai-Seturo slices through a gap to open the scoring. NZ 7-0. 

5:35pm: Rugby sevens

Fiji to kick off!

5:33pm: Rugby sevens

The men are out on the field now and in the middle of the national anthems. 

5:26pm: Rugby sevens

NZ have done it! A stunning long-range try to Kelly Brazier in extra time gives them the 17-12 win and the gold medal! That was incredible, a fitting ending to a superb final. 

5:24pm: Rugby sevens

Williams with the match-saving try. And she won the penalty. Sensational effort. Time is off - can NZ do it?

5:22pm: Rugby sevens

Knock on against Australia. NZ ball - this is a huge chance.

5:18pm: Rugby sevens

Australia have kicked the ball out to send the game into extra time. Bizarre move but we're not complaining. We want more action. 

5:15pm: Rugby sevens

Australia have scored again! The conversion missed. Locked up at 12-all. We're in for some finish. 

5:14pm: Rugby sevens

A lineout mistake from NZ allows Australia to score. Two minutes left. NZ 12-7. 

5:13pm: Rugby sevens

What defence from Blyde! She made back-to-back tackles, the second after an awesome chase. 

5:10pm: Rugby sevens

Knock on against NZ. A big chance goes begging there after the kick. 

5:07pm: Rugby sevens

NZ score! That's so important on the cusp of halftime and reward for some great defence. NZ 12-0. 

5:02pm: Rugby sevens

Woodman with an incredible try! She got the ball in her own half, outpaced her opposite, put some footwork on the sweeper and then sprinted away to score. AMAZING! NZ 5-0

5:01pm: Rugby sevens

A nervous start from both sides. A knock on apiece.

4:59pm: Rugby sevens

NZ kick off and we're away!

4:55pm: Rugby sevens

The players are coming out onto the field. It's a rematch of the Olympic gold medal match in Rio two years ago. We're hoping for a different result this time. The national anthems will play prior to the final.  

4:51pm: Rugby sevens

England prevailed over South Africa, 21-14 to claim the bronze but we're onto the duel main events now. 

4:49pm: Rugby sevens

All square in the men's bronze match game! 14 - 14 between England and South Africa with 1 minute to go.

NZ women up next.

4:40pm: Rugby sevens

Womens's rugby sevens final between Australia and New Zealand up soon.

The men's bronze medal match is 14 - 0 to South Africa over England at half-time.

4:23pm: Netball final

UPSET! England win in the last second to beat Australia to the gold by 52 - 51.

They have exploded with joy and rightly so, amazing scenes!

4:18pm: Netball final

England coming back!! Australia still up by one 47 - 46 with five minutes left. Great finale to the netball.

4:10pm: Netball final

The Aussies pull away from England 39 - 36 in the final quarter and have all the momentum now.

4:01pm: Click here for a brutally honest assessment from Silver Ferns captain Katrina Grant after the latest loss to Jamaica.

3:55pm: Netball final

All tied up at 30 - 30 in a thrilling gold medal match between Australia and England.

3:15pm: Kiwis in action

A big afternoon coming up to round out an amazing Comm Games for NZ.

Women's rugby sevens final Australia vs New Zealand 4:37pm.

Men's rugby sevens final Fiji vs New Zealand 5:01pm.

2:42pm: Squash

They've done it! NZ have won Gold! It was 11-8 in the final set. Well done to Joelle King and Amanda Landers-Murphy!

2:38pm: Squash

India have fought back. It's 6-5 to NZ. 

2:35pm: Squash

The women are a game and 4-2 up. Come on ladies!

2:31pm: Men's sevens

Fiji have won! The Olympic champions scored the winning try in extra time to book a gold medal match against their old rivals NZ. The two great sevens nations will duke it out for gold. 

2:29pm: Netball

The Silver Ferns have gone down 55-60. They haven't been able to salvage anything from what has been a sorry Commonwealth Games campaign. 

2:27pm: Men's sevens

Extra time is needed in the second men's semi. Fiji and South Africa are locked up at 19-all. It's definitely worth a watch on Duke. 

2:24pm: Netball

Jamaica have snapped that run. It's 59-52 to Jamaica, who have won hand on the bronze medal. 

2:21pm: Netball

The Ferns are on a run! It's now 55-51 to Jamaica.

2:15pm: Squash

The women's doubles gold medal match is just about to start on the Games Extra channel if you want to watch. 

2:12pm: Men's sevens

Fiji are up 12-0 over South Africa. 

2:07pm: Netball

Jamaica have opened up a 46-39 lead. NZ in need of a big last quarter. 

2:01pm: Men's sevens

England have scored! There's just over 20 seconds to go with NZ up 17-12. England need to get possession from the kick off. NZ take out it. The All Blacks Sevens team are into the final!

1:57pm: Men's sevens

NZ have scored! A lovely long pass puts Whare away in the corner. NZ 17-7. 

1:55pm: Netball

NZ have hit the lead. Silver Ferns up by a point, 32-31. 

1:52pm: Men's sevens

They're in! NZ take a 12-7 lead into halftime. 

1:50pm: Men's sevens

NZ win a penalty! They'll have the chance to score before halftime. 

1:48pm: Men's sevens

NZ hit back! Whare crosses in the corner. England 7-5. 

1:46pm: Men's sevens

England have scored. They're up 7-0. 

1:44pm: Men's sevens

It's the turn of the men now. They're also up against England. 

1:41pm: Women's sevens

Woodman wIth too much pace! She sprints away from the England defenders to score. NZ 26-5. That's it. NZ are into the gold medal match where they'll face Australia. 

1:37pm: Women's sevens

NZ are in! After an exhausting passage of play the Black Ferns cross in the right corner. NZ 19-5. 

1:34pm: Netball

NZ trailing 24-25 with just under three minutes left in Q2. 

1:33pm: Women's sevens

Blyde goes from try scorer to try saver, making a last ditch tackle after the break. NZ still lead 12-5

1:29pm: Women's sevens

NZ are in! A nice pass from Williams puts Blyde in. That's halftime now. NZ 12-5. 

1:28pm: Women's sevens

Great run by Woodman but some superb defence from England brings her down just short of the line. What entertainment!

1:26pm: Women's sevens

England have scored! Scores locked up at 5-all. 

1:25pm: Netball

NZ have closed the gap. It's 17-15 to Jamaica. 

1:23pm: Women's sevens

The skipper is in! Goss shows some wheels to score on the right wing. NZ 5-0

1:21pm: Women's sevens

Kick off is seconds away in the semi between the Black Ferns and England...

1:10pm: Netball

The Silver Ferns are struggling against the height of Jamaica GS Fowler. NZ trailing 6-8. 

1:08pm: Netball

NZ trailing 4-7. 

1:04pm: Netball

We're off. Jamaica are up 1-0 and then NZ turn the ball over from the centre pass, but they win it back! Mes finishes it 1-1. 

12:55pm: Netball

While we wait for the Silver Ferns to start. This Comm Games wrap is great viewing. 

12:54pm: Netball

It comes thick and fast after that with the Black Ferns Sevens' semi at 1:20pm, the All Blacks Sevens are in action in theor own semi just after 1:40pm. Then the women's squash doubles gold medal match featuring Joelle King and Amanda Landers-Murphy is at 2pm.

12:49pm: Netball

Next up on an action packed last day of the Commonwealth Games is the netball bronze medal match between the Silver Ferns and Jamaica. That's about 10 minutes away. 

12:43pm: Basketball

The Tall Blacks have done it! They're bronze medallists after beating Scotland, 79-69. Well done guys! We'll have more soon on that win. 

12:40pm: Basketball

Just over a minute left in the bronze medal match. NZ leading 77-67. 

12:32pm: Men's marathon

Shelley has crossed the line to record a historic victory. He successfully defends the title he won in Glasgow. 

12:31pm: Basketball

Meanwhile, the Tall Blacks are leading Scotland, 73-57. 

12:30pm: Men's marathon

Shelley is closing in on the finish line. 

12:25pm: Men's marathon

Some dramatic and horrible scenes from the marathon. The Scottish leader Callum Hawkins has collapsed after 40km. His race is over after he received medical treatment. Australia's Michael Shelley ran past him to take the lead. We'll have the video shortly. 

12:21pm: Basketball

Abercrombie drains one from deep to give NZ a 66-50 lead. Just under 7 minutes to go in the final quarter. 

12:16pm: Basketball

NZ have a 15-point lead heading into the last quarter. They're up 59-42. 

12:07pm: Basketball

The Tall Blacks are up 51-42 with just under two minutes left in the third. 

12:02pm: Basketball

Scotland not going away, NZ lead 47-40 through the third quarter.

11:53am: Basketball

Both teams back on court for the start of the second half. The Tall Blacks looking to close this out and take the bronze.

11:40am: Basketball

New Zealand's class starting to show at the end of the second quarter, leading 41-35 at the halftime break.

11:30am: Basketball

The Tall Blacks have come roaring back into this game! NZ leading 31-27 halfway through the second quarter.

11:21: Basketball

At the end of the first quarter, NZ trail Scotland 21-19 in the match for bronze.

11:08am: Basketball

A quick start for Scotland! The Tall Blacks trail 8-3 after two minutes.

11:01am: Basketball

The Tall Blacks lay down the challenge with their pre-match haka, tip off not far away now.


Good morning, to start the day off, the Tall Blacks are going up against Scotland for bronze after their loss to Canada last night.


After a stunning day that saw New Zealand bring home two golds, two silvers and two bronzes, our Kiwi contingent have one final day to add to the 42 medal haul on the Gold Coast.

Both men's and women's sevens sides will each face England in their respective semi-finals, hoping to bring home two more gold medals.

Our women's doubles squash duo of Joelle King and Amanda Landers-Murphy will play off for gold this afternoon.

The Tall Blacks will play for bronze in the third place match in the men's basketball, after their heart breaking loss to Canada last night.

The Silver Ferns will also have a chance to save face after what's been a campaign nothing short of disastrous, facing Jamaica for the bronze medal.

1:26pm: Women's sevens
5:24pm: Rugby sevens
5:24pm: Rugby sevens