Coffee drinkers can rest at ease: Research out of Australia nixes cancer links

A new study out of Australia says drinking coffee will not lead to a greater cancer risk.

The Queensland research, carried out by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, analysed data from more than 300,000 coffee drinkers, according to ABC Australia.

Associate professor Stuart MacGregor explained the study's findings.

"Using a genetic-based approach to assess whether coffee increases cancer risk is a really powerful approach, and we've used it to show that ultimately your risk won't be changed if you drink coffee," he said.

"Genetics don't lie. For other diseases, the jury's still out — we need to do more work.

"What we found was that irrespective of specific compounds that were there, in terms of the relationship between the coffee they drink every day and whether they ultimately get cancer, we found that essentially there is no link."

Watch the ABC's report in the video above.